Our online training offers

KS digital training is motivating: the goal is to make our trainees agile, creative and independent in their communications.

Our online pedagogy promotes development: interactivity is enhanced, and training is intense.

Our online offer does not replace face to face, it complements it: it mobilizes additional
pedagogical resources and develops novel relational skills.

[=] The same quality as in face to face: attainment of objectives, expertise of the trainer, benefit and applicability of achievements.

[+] Productive training through short, framed interactions. Excellent personalization thanks
to working in small groups.

[-] No travel, catering or room rentals. More employee work time available than face to face

Be convincing (in spite of the screen)

Be convincing (in spite of the screen)

[Adjustable format: 4x3h – 4 participants max]

1/ Presence: giving maximum impact to your speeches (verbal and non-verbal)

2/ Commitment: finding the right distance between mastery of your technique/content and
freedom of being

3/ Preparation: approach your subjects in an effective, realistic and appropriate way
(method and training on your own situations)

4/ Anchoring what you have learned: relying on technique while daring to be inspired
(reworking professional situations)

Creating agile cooperation

Creating Agile Cooperation

[Adjustable format: 4 x 3h + 1h individual coaching – 4 participants max]

1/ Preparation: being listened to and heard, getting your message across, investing at the
right level in the working relationship, integrating your hierarchy

2/ Management: managing contradiction, asserting oneself, controlling one’s emotions,
creating trust, putting oneself in a position to cooperate

3/ Political sense: knowing how to play, take a step back, coach, negotiate, evaluate,

Have impact in videoconferences

Have impact in videoconferences

[Adjustable format: 3 x 2h – 4 participants]

1/ Develop your personal impact in a speaking situation

2/ Controlling stage fright and emotions

3/ Developing presence, making the screen an asset

4/ Asserting an authentic and effective style of expression

5/ Acquire confidence and increase the effectiveness of your professional communications

Being agile online

Being agile online

[Adjustable format: 3 x 2h – 8 participants max]

1/ Be a strategist and control the impact of your online communication

2/ Know how to process a message in real time, prioritise

3/ Thinking about a clear communication objective in the moment

4/ Develop an agile style: pertinent, useful, embodied, brief, effective

Transmit, train, inspire (Train the Trainer)

Transmit, train, inspire (Train the Trainer)

[Adjustable format: 3 x 2h – 8 participants max]

1/ Train beginners or more experienced participants to run a course in a lively, fun, reactive,
professional, efficient and controlled way

2/ Benefit from short training sessions, professional input, pragmatic tools and immediately
applicable techniques

Stress and conflicts: how to prevent or adapt to them

Stress and conflicts: how to prevent or adapt to them

[Adjustable format: 4 x 3h – 5 participants max]

1/ Identify and analyse conflict situations: diagnose, position yourself

2/ Gaining comfort and agility in dealing with conflicts: optimising resources, adapting

3/ Develop a win-win approach to overcome situations of conflict: resolve effectively,
preserve the relationship

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