What we do



Learn to communicate better. Get people to agree with your ideas. Make projects
succeed. Create performance in the organization. Get people to take on your ideas.

Our tailor-made seminars:

The art of convincing
To cooperate, dare to confront in order to cooperate…
Develop your political sense



Master the keys to effective virtual communication. Know how to use digital tools as levers for management and influence.

Our tailor-made seminars:

Effective online leadership
Managing virtual working environments effectively
Managing your networks and communities



Refine your awareness of your own communication. Adjust your professional
relationships. Improve the quality of your interactions.

Our tailor-made seminars:

Becoming assertive
The art of synthesis
Make your professional interviews more motivating

In 2 years, the world has changed. Work has become more virtual, interactions have been transformed, communication is experienced differently. Our mission has been reinforced. To make people more agile, efficient and confident in their contributions… And within their teams and organisations. We’ve developed a greater synchronicity between face to face and virtual learning, from autonomous learning to blended learning.

Our offer combines consulting, training and coaching 100% tailor-made, our approach is deployed flexibly so that knowledge aquired by the trainees can be applied immediately.

Here are some of our pedagogical principles:

– Blended learning for a global, powerful and personalized training experience
– Fluidity between face to face, online and autonomous training
– Originality of the teaching methods
– Practical training for visible and measurable results

The positive impact of our training is transferred immediately to the organization, thus making communication become a key factor of performance and innovation again.


Our autonomous training can be done in your own time whereas both face to face and online is done in real time

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Effective online leadership

Effective online leadership

[Adjustable format: online 3x2h – 8/10 participants]

Upskilling your leadership to meet the new work realities

Master the diversity, flow and effectiveness of your managerial communication

Identify, anticipate and monitor the needs of a team / project managed virtually

Develop a coherent, fluid and facilitative approach

Becoming assertive

Becoming assertive

[Adjustable format: face-to-face 2 days or online 4x2h – 6 participants]

Becoming assertive with others

Develop your ability to defend your point of view firmly while taking those of others into account.

Create a personal action plan to systematise your process implementation.

The art of persuasion

The art of persuasion

[Adjustable format: face-to-face 2 days or online 4x3h – 6/8 participants]

Develop your power of persuasion, self-control and an authentic and effective style of

Reach out to stage confidence: embody, captivate

Develop strategic intelligence, tactical skills and rhetorical talent

Strengthen your ability to debate and create dialogue

In order to cooperate, dare to confront

In order to cooperate, dare to confront

[Adjustable format: face-to-face 3 days or onmine 4x3h + 1h – 10 participants]

Dealing with high-stakes situations, getting your message across, establishing a framework
for cooperation

Control your emotions to maintain an effective objective whatever the situation, context or

Develop agility in dialogue, promoting your ideas, projects and and in your political game

Managing virtual working environments effectively

Managing virtual working environments effectively

[Adjustable format: online 5x2h – 5/25 participants] …online 5X2h…

Work Life Balance for Wellbeing

Overcome physical and mental blocks

Develop inner security and learning to let go

Overcome stage fright and stress, know how to recenter, breathe better…

The art of synthesis

The art of synthesis

Being brief and robust: the art of synthesis

[Adjustable format: face-to-face 2 days or online 4x2h – 6-10 participants]

Thinking about and implementing your oral/written communication based on the needs of
your audience

Become aware of the power of synthesis in oral and written dialogue

Develop confidence and ease in your ability to make an impact

Combining concision and precision so as to adjust your communication

Make your professional interviews more motivating

Make your professional interviews more motivating

[Adjustable format: face-to-face 2 days or online 6x2h – 6/8 participants]

Have the methods and tools to prepare for professional interviews in a calm,
constructive and efficient manner

Identify the sources of cooperation during interviews

Be a chanel for the company’s HR policy (needs, wishes, feedback)

Build an adapted professional development proposal

Developing your political sense

Developing your political sense

[Adjustable format: face-to-face 1 day or online 2x3h – 6/8 participants]

Act while taking into account the sensitivities and balances within the company

Decipher the issues at stake for each party in a situation and in real time

Formulate your comments in a way that is adapted to the internal political context

Facilitate communication in your environment

Managing your networks and communities

Managing your networks and communities

[Adjustable format: face-to-face 2 days or online 4x3h – 8/10 participants]

Determine your targets and propose a communication adapted to each one

Identify the strengths of network dialogue

Mastering improvisation to act in real time

KS, the wisdom to experiment, the audacity to evolve.